New Immigration Regulation in Norway With Polemics

Labor and Social Affair ministry has adopted a new immigration regulation. There will be easier arrangements for skilled labor force. However, the family unification is getting harder.

The new immigration regulation will lead to changes in several important areas. It establishes new arrangements which will facilitate access to the labor market for skilled workers and specialists from areas outside the EEA with a wage offer of 500 000 U.S. Besides, the workers will able to begin work before the residence permit is granted.

Family Unification Almost Impossible

Despite the promises of the new regulation for the labor market, it introduces new and stricter requirements for subsistence to bring family members to Norway. It will no longer be sufficient to substantiate a future income. Anyone who lives in Norway will also have to document the income of a certain amount in the last tax year, and those who received social assistance in the previous years will not be able bring any family members. It will no longer be the exception from the subsistence requirement when a Norwegian citizen is living in Norway. The police is also permitted to disclose information to the UDI and UNE about the conduct of persons who wish to bring a spouse from abroad.

Financial Guarantee Changes with Discrimination

The new regulation provides the ability to require a bank guarantee for a visa application to Norway. The Directorate of Immigration will issue further guidelines for the scheme.Bank guarantee will be able to make it easier to get visitor visa, but the scheme excludes the countries that Norway receive many asylum seekers from.

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