Students Mobility to Norway folded in 8 years

The number of students with foreign citizenship in Norway has increased by over 120 percent over the past eight years, according to figures from the Mobility Report, 2009, as SIU(Center for Internationalization of Higher Education) gives out this week.

In 2008, the total number of the registered students from 180 different nationality at Norwegian universities and colleges were 13 989. This year’s Mobility report comes with good news for anyone who is interested in the internationalization of higher education. The number of Norwegian degree students abroad had decreased over the years. From 2005/06 to 2006/07, the number of part-time students abroad had also decreased. However, the academic year 2008/2009 marks a change in this trend. Almost 20 000 Norwegians studying at a university on abroad this year with a reasonable increase.

– This is very gratifying, says Hanne Alver Krum, Head of Information of SIU.

– Especially, the rise in the number of Norwegian students in the United States is positive, since this has been a particular priority for the Norwegian authorities in recent years. The entire 21 percent more Norwegian students took part of his education in the United States in 2008/2009 compared with the previous year, says Krum.

There are several reasons why student mobility have gained more political attention. In many countries, linked to a market shift in higher education, educational institutions started to finance their operations through fees largely. Students, thus, turned into be an important source of income.

Student Recruitment is also connected to the competition for talented and highly skilled labor in the global knowledge economy.

Facts / Student Mobility in Norway:

11 994 Norwegian students studied a whole degree abroad in 2008/2009, while 7 129 were part-time students.For the third consecutive year, a mobility report intends to present new figures on student mobility in and out of Norway, as well as pointing out tendencies and trends in the field.

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