New Measurements against Cheating Taximeter

As part of the government’s measures against abuses in the taxi industry, the ministry of Trade and Industry has introduced new regulations on taximeters. The rules will help to ensure correct payment for taxi customers and impede tax evasion and insurance fraud in the taxi industry.

I am glad that new regulations now would make it safer to be a taxi customer, “said Trade and Industry minister Sylvia Brustad.

The new rules will be applied on the 1st of January, 2010.

New regulation includes these obligations:

•The taxi-meter must be connected to the central terminal

•Critical components of taxi-meters have to be sealed to protect against tampering of the meter

•The meter will continue to function correctly during temporary power failures

•The data of the meters will be stored as long as it is to be used as the basis for financial settlement, tax and duty

•Rules on the price and other information will have to be put on the display and receipt to make them easily readable both day and night.

The requirements are based on an EU-standard (directive on measuring instruments) that most of the EEA countries have introduced. The rules imply that taximeters must be approved before they are sold. Taximeters will also be checked annually by the Norwegian Metrology Service.

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