Norway still the world’s best place to live

The results of UN Human Development were published yesterday. According to the report, Norway is the world’s best country to live in among participating 182 countries allover the world.

The ranking is based on criteria such as education, life expectancy and gross domestic product (GDP) per capita. Australia, Iceland, Canada and Ireland are also in the top, while Niger, Afghanistan, Central African Republic and Sierra Leone are all among the ten countries with the lowest human development index.

State Secretary Håkon A. Gulbrandsen (SV) evaluated the the report stating his content about Norway’s ranking as No. 1, but he warned against overlooking of the report ‘s results. “It shows the enormous differences between countries of the world, many of the countries at the bottom of the list are those who have recently been in conflict, which shows how destructive conflict is for people both socially and economically “said Gulbrandsen.

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