New action plan for crime prevention

The Government launches a new crime prevention action plan. A clear aim is to help young people away from a criminal career.

– We need much more to be concerned with the causes of crime. By preventing the better we can repair minor, ” said Justice Minister Knut Storberget.

One of the measures in the plan is to pave the way for national dissemination of Follow-up Team. Follow-up Team is an example of successful commitment to young offenders through collaboration between law enforcement and public assistance agencies. Projects in four cities have recently been completed, and lessons which were learned from the four Follow-up teams will be followed up.

Early intervention.

Research shows that early action is crucial to prevent individuals or groups from involving in crime. Especially it is important to follow up the children and youth who are particularly vulnerable.

Enhanced cooperation and coordination.

Crime prevention is to be carried out through dialogue and interaction between public services, government, voluntary sectors, public and private actors. The Action Plan contains eleven measures for enhanced cooperation and coordination.

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