13 Year Old Hacker in Norway Is Offered Job in a Bank

When the Bank was hacked, they later employed the student who stood behind. Now the bank is looking for new talents for the future. – Obviously the 13-year-old has a talent, says the digital director.

Last fall, a 13-year-old student from Bergen received national attention when he revealed that personal information of 35,000 students and employees of schools in the city was openly available.

When he later entered the system, the police confiscated the 13-year-old’s computer with the claim that he damaged the municipality’s reputation

Now he has been offered a summer job at the online banking company Sbanken, writes NRK.

-It is obvious that he has a talent within a field of expertise we are investing heavily in, says digital director Christoffer Hernæs to NRK.

The purpose is to develop the student’s skills, says Hernæs.

The 13-year-old sees the job offer as fantastic opportunity and looks forward to starting, says the boy’s father to NRK.

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