It is forbidden to die in this town in Norway

Longyearbyen’s is an arctic town at 78 degrees north on the archipelago of Svalbard. If you have the misfortune to fall very ill here, you will be transported to another part of Norway to spend your last days.
And if you unfortunately die suddenly, nobody will bury you here. 
The town’s small graveyard stopped accepting newcomers 70 years ago, after it was discovered that the bodies do not decompose. 
2,144 people live in small wooden houses of the town with “no death” policy. 
The town also hosts many polar bears, which cause real fear among its residents. 
There is no old people’s home, but there is a kindergarten. 
The kindergarden teacher carries a gun against the attacks of polar bears. 
Every student at the university spends their first day learning how to shoot bears.

But still it is a nice Norwegian town to enjoy.

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