7 Great Pictures Telling How Norway Can Be Inspirationally and Emotionally Diverse

We have collected seven pictures from Norway proving why it deserves to be the best place to live for all.

Many indexes show that Norway is one of the best places to live on earth. But it is superficial to explain this high level of life standart and reputation with only economic indicators. It is true that Norway is finanically a safe haven for many of people living in the country but at the same time a great place to celebrate differences.  

Photo: Eric The Fish | These two Norwegian-Somalian ladies and the child are happily walking in Oslo. Their bright smile shows they are happy to be part of this diversity.

A Young Norwegian with a sharp emotional look from Nicola Romagna’s camera.

Photo: Gunnvor Karita | Younger Norwegian at one of those famous Norwegian cottages. Maybe she is cold; maybe she simply wants to go home.

Photo: Trondheim byarkiv, The Municipal Archives of Trondheim | A Photo from 1970s. A well dressed Norwegian man gets on public bus in trondheim. His energetic look is worth to share.

Photo: Harvey Barrison | Talking of diversity, Sami people should not be forgotten. Norway’s indigenous Finno-Ugric people, Samis inhabit the Arctic area of Sápmi. This sophisticated looking man is wearing traditional Sami costume.

Photo: Tjook | another colorful and inspirational look on a sunny Oslo day. She’s got definetly that special energic look.

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