Women’s Day 2014 Celebration in Norway in Photos

A Norwegian man supports the women in this special day by posing in woman costume.

This is the most ironic way of celebrating 8 march. A grocery put this sign: “We celebrate women’s day, cleaning brush is 59 NOK”

Norway’s most influential women, prime minister Erna Solberg and finance minister Siv Jensen celebrate 8 March

Norway’s former prime minister Jens Stoltenberg joins the celebration with a selfie with the women at his part building.

8 March celebration is a dedication for Norwegian women of all ages.

What can be better than a women’s day in ice cold Norway? A women’s day on a sunny Saturday.

The good weather in Norwegian capital brings thousands of women and men for celebrating Women’s day.

As every year, the celebration venue was Youngstorget in Oslo.

And a women’s day (kvinnedagen) celebration in Norway from 1958. The women protests controversial abortion law.

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