Winter in Norway

Rumor says Norwegian children learn how to ski before walking. Actually it is fact! But Norwegian winter is not only skiing and there is always a way for all to enjoy the winter.

shoveling snow
Photo: Sven Inge Røste

Don’t be shocked meeting Norwegians on bus with their wet snowboard.  They made it on purpose! 

skitour in norway
Photo: GORE-TEX® Products

As a country built on mountains, there are numerous ski routes from the ones just 20 minutes’ drive from city to those deep into the nature. 

northern light
Photo: Gunnar Hildonen

In CNN’s report 10 best cities for a winter vacation, Tromsø ranked 3rd as a great base for spotting the northern lights. Of course “Dance of the spirit” is one of the most attractive things in the world, yet more wonders in the country are waiting for you to explore! 

Work in Winter!

Photo: Xue Li /TNP

The coming of snow creates perfect playground for all kinds of winter sports, yet it puts heavier burden on some people’s work at the same time. In the city, more people are needed to shovel the snow constantly for safety and convinience.

Photo: Xue Li /TNP

Open-air flower market and fruit market have to move into tents or rooms, where the chilly plants can be taken care of. 

Photo: Sven Inge Røste

Fishermen also work hard to make the big harvest of fish from low-oxygen water under ice. 

Leisure in Winter!

Photo: Xue Li /TNP

The British Poet Shelley once wrote “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?”  Do you also think winter is quite a tough time? Well, not for Norwegians. They enjoy sitting in the out-door cafe without disturbance from the next table full of snow, even when it is ten degrees below zero. 

Photo: Bergen Tourist Board / Robin Strand –

Another way to enjoy the Norwegian winter is of course shopping. When we talk about winter, Christmas shopping comes to mind first. Norwegian Christmas markets are not the most gigantic types but still full of Christmas spirit. You can buy your next Christmas gift from one of the Christmas markets in big cities. Living in a country where the distances are far and cities are small, online shopping is also one of our big sports in winter.

Photo: Xue Li /TNP

If the weather is not bad (actually they say “There is no bad weather only wrong clothes”), the Norwegians would like to have a walk with babies along the freezing sea, run, play football and go for skiing of course.  

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