Gallon Smashing Prankers Can Be Sentenced with One Year in Prison in Norway

Gallon Smashing is the latest and messiest internet prank after the Harlem Shake. The new dangerous prank grabs the attention of millions both in the world and Norway.

The new trend incudes walking around grocery stores holding  milk or juice cartoons,  pretending to theatrically slip, while at the same time throwing the cartons in the air.

Once the inevitable mess is made, the prankers then have to navigate the awkward attentions of fellow customers as they offer help and express their concern at what looks like a nasty accident.

Videos on Youtube showing youths throwing milk in stores spread fast. But, law professor warns the Norwegian teenagers it is a criminal offense.

– This is vandalism, says Asbjørn Strandbakken, dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Bergen to VG. He refers to Penal Code § 291, which states that “vandalism is unlawfully destroying, damaging, making useless or forfeit an object wholly or part of another. Strandbakken also notes that vandalism is punishable by fine or imprisonment up to one year, and gallon smashing may be punished in the same way. 

Strandbakken says that there is a clear difference on whether you accidentally lose something in the store but this “lose” is intended to destroy the milk. There is a difference of negligence, an accident and the perpetrators intentionally strive to break something. Thus, it becomes a criminal offense, says he. 

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