17-year-old Norwegian Suzanne Becomes a Youtube Hit

Three monthsago, Suzanne Svanevik published a YouTube video where 17-year-old girl from Bergen does various Crossfit exercises. Video was posted for fun with the goal to inspire others to begin Crossfit and to show that women can lift heavy objects. Now, the video reaches 7.3 million hits.

– There are many who come to me and say that I have motivated them to start exercising, and have begun to train Crossfit because of me. It gives me motivation to continuen, says Svanevik to Bergene Tidende.

She also says that she recives offers of marriage, sponsorship deals and friend requests on Facebook.

Suzanne is only 152 centimeters tall and 50 kilograms, but can do more than most guys can only dream about. The most einteresting part is that she can do all these things even though she is neither engaged in weightlifting or powerlifting, but through just crossfit fitness and gymnastics.

Here is Suzanne’s personal records:

Deadlift 110 kg

Squat 100 kg

Bench press 65 kg

L. Press 45 kg

Turning 80 kg

Pulling 50 kg

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