EURO-ASIA EXPO – expanding international market via Malaysia

Due to strong partnership between the Organizing committee of EURO-ASIA EXPO and Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) twenty one Malaysian companies have already decided to present their products and services at the event. Among them there are companies specializing in consulting, logistics, additional education, production of foods, seasonings, flavors, personal hygiene means, household chemicals, electronics, etc.

EURO-ASIA EXPO gives Russian and Tatarstan businessmen an opportunity to find business-partners from Malaysia and enter the international market.

The complete list of companies and their profiles is presented below:

1. Quantum Atlas is focused on professional exhibition and advertising services, as well as seminars and conferences organization.

2. Abdul Rahman & Partners is a commercial law firm, a leader in banking and finance, especially Islamic banking and finance, corporate banking practice, capital market and credit financing.

3. AJM Planning & Urban Design Group sdn bhd is a world`s leader in urbanistics and planning. The Company possesses an extensive experience in complex regional development, which meets all ecological requirements and provides a high standard of living.

4. Arori (M) sdn bhd provides TV-solutions and digital broadcasting to hotels.

5. The Centre of Executive Education of Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UNIRAZAK) provides necessary knowledge and skills for the emerging entrepreneurs as well as improves the quality of management by focusing on three main areas: innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship.

6. Coffee Scene Sdn Bhd is a chain of café of traditional Malaysian meals.

7. Dolphin Healthcare sdn bhd specializes in the research and development, manufacture and marketing of personal care products and household chemicals, provides medical services.

8. Eco Gaia Sdn Bhd produces biodegradable plastics and polymers.

9. Freight Transport Network Sdn Bhd provides the highest lever services in the fields of custom brokerage and air/sea freight forwarding, towing and storage.

10. KSK Globalink Manufacturing Sdn Bhd produces wide range of rubber materials and related rubber products.

11. Memory Mark is a food sale company.

12. Q Flavors is a company produces seasonings.

13. Reka Nutrition is a leading distributor of food flavors, fragrances, basic aroma chemicals and natural essential oils.

14. Renowned Property specializes on decorative illumination of hotels, halls, palaces and household. The company provides different services such as project research, design, assembly, manufacture, installation, operation and remanufacturing of the projects.

15. Sorient is a photo school.

16. Straits Consulting Engineers provides consulting services.

17. Synergy Worldwide Forwarding provides logistics services, freight forwarding and custom clearing.

18. Synergy Worldwide (M) provides freight door-to-door delivery services.

19. Titan Ledway is an electronics and home appliances company.

20. Tuck Sun & Co provides full-service logistics.

21. Sovereign Maritime Services (M) provides risk management in petroleum industry.

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