How are we emotionally connected with universal nature?

The product of the connection between the external and internal nature that I have mentioned is a “mindflow” of feelings that never ceases.

Feelings of love, feelings of anger, feelings of anxiety, feelings of fear, feelings of exhaustion, feelings of energy, feelings of amazement, feelings of despair.

Our feelings come from beyond our control and dominate our mind, shaping the way we see the world around us. So if we are angry, expect the people around us feel our anger, and be hurt by us. So if we feel affection, expect the people around us feel this affection. Through our feelings we shape what is around us. We can change the environment around us.

However another dimension of this “mindflow” is that we can never escape these feelings. They dominate us. They control us. We are the slaves of our emotions. They make us euphoric, they make us depressed. They shape our relationships. They shape our happiness or sadness in this world.  

However you need not be a prisoner of your feelings. Let’s talk about how you can master the “mindflow” of emotions.

There are three basic types of feelings. Feelings that make us happy. Feelings that make us sad, and feelings of confusion or withdrawal from the world.

Feelings that make us happy can be comprised of many different emotions – hope, anticipation, excitement, sensual pleasure, affection, love, playfulness, etc.

Feelings that make us sad – angry, worry, jealous, scared, fearful, anxious, envy, depression, etc.

Feelings that make us confused and withdrawn – indecisiveness, melancholy, gloom, dismal, etc.

The first thing we must do is learn to become aware of all these individual emotions that affect us.   Secondly we should be aware about how long these feelings last within us. Then have a look at which of these emotions dominate our thoughts and which ones come and go.

All feelings arise, stay in our mind, and go, arise, stay, and go, arise, stay, and go. Some are quick and some stay much longer. You will see that these emotions come one by one, not together, but appear together as they can sequence quickly through our mind. This is something that’s common to all of us, it’s the way we are programmed. This is our nature that covers up our inner self.

How can we break this cycle and control our emotions?

We must find our inner calmness where we can reach out and touch our inner self without emotions and feelings blocking this connection. This is what we call mindfulness, something we should carry with us continually. Mindfulness allows us to see ourselves, and see through the emotions and feelings that influence us.

This leads us to a forth state of “mindflow” a state we are self aware and free from our emotions that bind us down and control our moods. This is the prime source of our personal mastery or wisdom, where we can become free to think without the emotional baggage of past failures and fears, or hopes and delusions about the future.

When you achieve this personal mastery, you can go anywhere and everywhere in a peaceful and content manner.

Please understand I’m not advocating you stop all these emotions, I’m advocating that you just become aware of these emotions. As awareness of these emotions is the ultimate self empowerment you can have. Your emotions will always be there but through mindfulness you will not get lost in the sea of emotions that surround you.

If you can achieve this form of personal mastery, you will be free of the fear of the past and anxiety of the future and live in the here and now, where you can treasure every moment and every breath you take.

Please remember here, that once you can identify your feelings and emotions on a daily basis, it is so easy to forget and slip out of mindfulness. So it will take patience and practice to maintain a continual mindfulness inside of you.

So I promise you, if you can continually practice mindfulness, you will conquer you emotions and feelings, where you will become the master of yourself, rather than allowing your emotions to dominate you.

Good luck in your personal journey and I hope you find your freedom.

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