A Journey For Peace, From Norway to Greece

He has a mission to honor silent heros, people that do good things without expecting anything in return. Silent heroes are all kinds of people. They can be involved in local organizations, charities, or simply helpful people doing good deeds.


“They realize that we are all a piece of the puzzle,” Fuhrmann explains, “and that the puzzle will fall apart if we don’t try to make all of the pieces fit together.”


Fuhrmann started his journey on April 1st, planning to paddle about 40-50 km a day. He is travelling with minimal items and is expecting to receive help with food and accommodation by kind people along the way.


The 59 year-old man and father of three has been collaborating with school and organizations around the continent to award silent heroes with a monetary sum while spreading good news to local media.


Fuhrmann has already been in contact with people that will point out his “silent heroes” that he will honor at the Piece Prize ceremonies.

“By putting the spotlight on people that do good deeds in their local community, that promote ideas of integration and peace through their own actions, we can contribute to removing negativity and remind people that the world isn’t a bad place. Every stop and every award ceremony will constitute a small wave that might inspire people to do good things, and hopefully create ripple effects that will reach much further than I can.”

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