Uber Puts Its Activities in Norway on Hold

Uber will put on hold its unlicensed service UberPOP in Norway from the end of October, writes NRK.

The announcement comes shortly before the Ministry of Transport and Communications will respond to the EFTA Surveillance Authority ESA as to what Norway will do with the regulation concerning Uber. The deadline is October 27th.

ESA requires Norway to change the passenger loyalty system because the current system prevents free competition.

The Norwegian Taxi Association believes that Uber should have been banned a long time ago.

“This is illegal business. This is just a game for the gallery to push the government for its response to ESA, “says √ėystein Trevland, chairman of the Norwegian Taxi Association, to NTB.

If Norway decides to follow ESA’s request, Uber will return to service as usual.

Uber has proposed several measures for regulation in response to the Ministry of Transport and Communications. They want to follow the tax authorities’ ‘wishes for automatic reporting of drivers’ income. The company will also enter into agreements with organizations offering pension and insurance schemes for drivers. In addition, the company wishes the drivers to be given a driving license.

The company recently received a fine of NOK 5 million NOK for breaching the Occupational Transport Act. The police in Oslo found that Uber has operated illegally because the company has driven passenger without the necessary permissions. Uber refused to accept the fine, and the case will therefore be settled in the court.

The Norwegian police has been very strict againts Uber drivers. So far, 194 drivers had to pay 11.2 million NOK fine.


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