The Fire on Melkøya is One of the Most Serious Incidents in Norway´s Oil History

The investigation starts to find out how the fire at Equinor’s plant on Melkøya started on Monday.

On Monday at approximately 15:30 CEST Equinor was notified about a fire in a turbine at the plant. Later in the evening the flames were no longer visible, but the work to cool down the area where the fire occurred continued. No personell was injured in the incident. 

Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (Petroleumstilsynet) considers the fire at Equinor’s gas plant on Melkøya to be one of the most serious incidents in Norwegian petroleum history. The incident is now being investigated, writes NRK.

-A fire of this magnitude is serious, says Inger Anda, director of communications and public relations at the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway.

Anda, talking to NRK, thinks the fire probably has a great potential to give a large financial loss.

The gas production on Melkøya is postponed indefinitely until the investigators find out what was the cause of the fire.

The plant has sold gas for about NOK 10 billion annually since its start-up in 2007, a long-term shutdown could be costly for Equinor.

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