Ryanair May Stop Flights from Norway

CEO of Ryanair, Michael O’Leary blames Norway for high environmental air travel tax, while exporting oil.

– It is not relevant to invest more in Norway or Sweden where they continue to impose environmental taxes, “said Michael O’Leary, CEO of Ryanair during the company’s quarterly presentation on Monday.

O’Leary thinks this tax is a particularly bad policy, and believes that the charge, which was originally justified for environmental reasons, is bad for Norway as the Western Europe’s largest oil producer.

-It’s surprising that they have such fees in a country like Norway, which is a major oil exporter,” he says.

Two years ago, Ryanair has stopped its operation in Rygge airport in Norway as a result of the introduction of the extra passenger tax. The tax of NOK80 (‚ā¨8.59) per passenger is imposed on both domestic flights and international flights departing from Norway since then.

Ryanair still flies from Gardermoen and Torp in Norway, and after O’Leary’s statements it is unclear if the operations from these airports will continue.

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