Norway Will No more Use Money

Cafes, restaurants, museums and churches no longer accept banknotes and coins. Many of them would like to continue cashless even when the corona crisis is over, writes E24.

The proportion of cash in circulation has been declining for a long time, but the  Corona virus crisis has given rise to the development of cashless society, and it has become more difficult to pay cash in almost every place.

According to Vipps, contactless payment has tripled during the corona crisis, and “Norwegians have taken a big – and perhaps permanent – step away from cash” , according to Hanne Kjærnes, communications manager at Vipps.

Complains from elderly

The Norwegian Consumer Agency informs E24 that they have recently received several complaints about the inability to pay in cash.

E24 has been given access to complaints about cash denial to the Norwegian Consumer Agency. In one, the complaint is that you are not allowed to pay for the bus trip with cash. Another responds to a denial of cash at a museum, while a third was not allowed to buy coffee with cash in Oslo.

The pensioners’ association says that there have been complaints from some of their members, and they are worried about the development in the last six months.

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