Norway PM Suggests More Working Hours

Prime Minister Erna Solberg believes people in Norway should work more. She suggests to increase 37.5 hours per week working standard to 43 hours a week.

Solberg said the labor market in Norway is now  good and there is a shortage of labor.

– In the future, without a gradual better employment rates, we will have to switch to standard 43-hour working per week. Therefore, it is essential to get more into working life, she said during the press meeting in Arendal on Tuesday morning.

She pointed out that Norway still has standard 37.5 hours work per week.

– If we do not get more people at work, we need to work more or to cut welfare benefits. Work is the core of the financing of our society, she said.

More full time working

Solberg noted that it is important to employ more people and make part-time workers full time. Currently every third woman is working part-time.

She also suggested there will be soon insufficient income from the oil fund to finance today’s welfare system.

-There is a demand for labor in a number of industries. We do not have enough flexibility. We’re not good enough to match those who want to work with suitable jobs. We must, among other things, increase qualifications of people so that they can get a job, says she.

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