Norway loses its title as world’s ‘happiest country to Finland

Norway is still the second happiest place in the world to live, a ranking in United Nations’ annual report revealed on Wednesday.

This year, Finland replaced Norway in the World Happiness Report, while Norway drops to the second place, Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland has kept their place in top five.

The report evaluated 156 countries and those at the top were found to have high values in six categories of well-being, healthy life expectancy, social support, freedom, trust and generosity.

The United States fell from 14th to 18th this year, due to emerging health problems and depression. Those issues have been growing faster in the United States than in other countries, the report noted.

The least happy country, according to the list, is Burundi, followed by South Sudan, Tanzania, Yemen, Rwanda, Syria, Liberia, Haiti and Malawi.

This year’s report, in addition to its usual happiness factors, included migration within and among countries. The immigrant happiness rankings are based on Gallup data from 2005 to 2017, using 117 countries with more than 100 immigrant respondents.

Norway was rated the world’s happiest country in the 2017 report.


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