Kindergarten in Norway is Among the Cheapest in Europe

Yoopies Norway has investigated the prices of nanny and daycare services in several European countries using figures from the OECD. Norway is among the countries that pay least for kindergarten in Europe according to average income level.

The study is based on what one pays in relation to the average salary in the country. The maximum price for kindergarten in Norway was introduced in 2009, and in August 2019 the maximum price has been set to NOK 3040 (around 300 EUR) a month. The price corresponds to more than 6% of the household income of working parents. Also families are entitled to a reduced price or free kindergarten service when their income is low.

Moreover, all parents receive NOK 980 support for each child every month in addition to other child benefits. The maximum price is the same for both public and private kindergartens in Norway. In Norway, 9 out of 10 children attend to kindergarten. Yet there are cases where the parents end up without a kindergarden offer due to high demand in certain areas.

Switzerland and the UK are on top of those who pay the most for full-time nursery in Europe. For a couple with average income in the UK, 35.8% of household income goes to kindergarten, the ratio is 29.2% in Switzerland and 24.9% in Ireland. Many parents in these countries also chose to hire a nanny as a more affordable alternative. which is several times less expensive in the UK.

To hire a nanny most expensive in Norway

On the other hand, many parents in Norway are still skeptical about leaving their children to nannies because of horror stories in the media and its cost.

“We considered hiring a nanny, but soon found out that it was too expensive,”says Ida Myrvang to Yoopies Norway. Ida and her husband Thomas needed nanny service when their son Jesper, 3, was left without a kindergarden offer.

Many people would have to pay NOK 12,000 a month to find a good nanny. Nanny service in Norway is considerably more expensive, and for children who are left without kindergarten offer, finding other affordable options can be difficult.

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