Is Electric Car Dream Fading in Norway?

Electric cars in the Oslo region will pay road toll from March 2019.

Soon the generous electric cars incentive will be challenged with a new agreement. Electric cars will pay road toll from 2019.

Norway has one of the world’s most generous incentives for electric cars. Electric cars are exempt from value added tax (VAT) and purchase tax, which on average in Norway add 50% to the cost of a vehicle. They are also exempt from road tolls, tunnel-use charges, and ferry charges. And they get free parking at municipal parking areas, free charging, and the freedom to use bus lanes.

However, a new agreement between Oslo municipality and Akershus county municipality may worry the electric cars drivers.
With the new agreement, the electric cars in the Oslo region must pay road toll from March 2019.

Yet, the rate will be still lower than regular cars: Five NOK outside rush hours. The price will double to 10 NOK during the rush hours.

The only group who do not have to pay road toll will be hydrogen car drivers.

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