Hybrid Cars Incentive in Norway Can Turn into A New Diesel Cars Scandal

Norway is the top electric vehicle market in the world in terms of proportion of electric vehicle new car sales and the highest overall EV market share. Also thanks to new incentives, hybrid cards are also dominating the market. Electric or hybrid cars represented half of new registrations in the country so far in 2017.

The tax deduction on the purchase of rechargeable hybrid cars has been recently introduced. The goal of the government is to reduce emissions and create a more environmentally friendly transportation.

However, some hybrid cars are more harmful to the environment than ordinary petrol and diesel cars when drivers use the internal combustion engine on these cars.

The emission in long term will be much higher, says Christina Bu from the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association to NRK.

Today consumers get the same amount of discount if the car you buy has large or small electrical capacity. Bu thinks this gives an incorrect signal to consumers.

– People are encouraged to buy cars as they are good for the environment and budget, but they are not, says BU.

A similar incentive had started for diesel cars in 2016. The consumers were encouraged by Norwegian authorities to opt for diesel vehicles, which at the time were considered a better environmental choice than petrol-fuelled cars. But then in 2016 some cities introduced temporary ban on diesel cars for their polluting impact on the environment.

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