Center Party Warns against China’s Increasing Interest in Agricultural Land in Norway

Norwegian conservative government proposes to make changes in the law on ownership of farms, agricultural lands and forests. The proposed change means that foreign funds and companies can buy agricultural land in Norway. Meanwhile, Chinese investors has increasingly started to buy land in Norway. 

Sp leader Trygve Slagsvold Vedum fears the change in the law will lead farms and agricultural land will disappear in the hands of Chinese and other foreigners.

– We must discuss nationally, whether it is advisable to let Chinese buying Norwegian land. The old huntingtower castle Malungen in my home town Stange was recently acquired by Chinese investors. We know that the Chinese are chasing several properties, including forest and agricultural land, says Vedum to NRK.

Current regulations ensure that food production in Norway remains in national hands. The liberalization of the law as proposed by the government will open the door to many foreign investors. 

China researcher Lynne Sverdrup Thygeson said to NRK that China has bought large quantities of agricultural land in different parts of the world and in France they have bought vineyards for many years. Recently in Australia, Chinese were declined to buy up a large lands.

Increasing Chinese interest in Norway

In recet years, Chinese have invested and bought some Norwegian companies. Since 2008 Chinese companies invested 45 billion NOK in Norway.

In 2011, a Chinese company bought metal production company Elkem. 

In 2008, chinese bought oil company Awilca Offhore.

In 2009 Huawei invested 180 million NOK in Norwegian telecommunication giant Telenor.

In 2011 ChemChina invested two billion USD in Norwegian food giant Orkla.

In 2014 colar energy company Rec Solar was acquired by Chinese.

In 2016 Chines bough 51 percent of Voss Water.

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