Norway Will Be The World Champion in Green Investments

During the annual conference of the Norwegian Trade Organization (NHO), Erna Solberg said she will make Norway the best country for investment in green solutions, but warned the commercial sector that it will have tough consequences fro them.

– This is going to be tough. It’s going to require major changes. We are best known for oil and gas, fjords and mountains. But I hope we can become just as famous for green technology, says Solberg.

Inspired by the Danish initiative “State of Green ’, which was launched in 2009, she asks Innovation Norway to start a similar public-private partnerships in Norway,reports NRK.

The government will spend 15 to 20 million NOK to get the initiative started.

– I would invite the private sector to join in the design of the scheme together with Innovation Norway, and eventually to join to finance it, says Solberg.

According to the Prime Minister, Norwegian industry must be green, smart and innovative to survive after oil.

– Green because we must have competitiveness. Smart because knowledge-based jobs with high profitability is necessary if we are to carry our welfare society. Innovative because we are facing a restructuring, said the Prime Minister.


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