Norway’s Europe Minister Crosses Fingers For Britain to Remain in the EU

Talking to VG, Aspaker says that she crosses her fingers for Brits to stay within the EU, and the referendum to end well. She notes that exit from EU may lead to serious consequences for all.

– We have not made predictions, but there will obviously be a lot of turmoil in the markets. Then it will have impacts on growth in the EU, and it will affect us. 80 percent of Norwegian exports go to the EU. How the market behaves has great significance for Europe’s purchasing power and thus also the demand for Norwegian goods, says Aspaker.

The Danish government has estimated that growth in the Danish economy will drop by a quarter percent this year, and a half percent next year, if the British leave the EU.

Britain imported goods and services from Norway for NOK 168 billion NOK in 2015, making it Norway’s largest trading partner. Most of the exports are oil and gas. Norway is number 24 on the list of Britain’s biggest trading partners.

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