Norway New State Budget: More Oil Money Spending and Focus on Unemployment, and Integration

Finance Minister Siv Jensen will use 10.4 additional billion NOK from the oil fund in 2016 state budget. So oil spending will reach to 205.6 billion NOK.

One of the focal point of the new state budget is the unemployment in Southern and Western Norway due to the turmoil in oil sector. The Government proposes to provide 900 million NOK extra to support the increased unemployment in Southern and Western Norway, which has been hardest hit by oil downturn. 

Largest labor organziation of Norway LO, however, believes the government does not do enough for unemployment among young people.


– They use too much oil money, and they spend the money wrong, says manager Gerd Kristiansen says to NRK.

Another important share in the budget is 2.5 billion NOK extra spending for refugees. The government increases subsidies to municipalities  to be spent on activities related to refugees and asylum seekers. 31,000 asylum seekers have come to Norway last year, and immigration and Inclusion Ministry will allocate 59 million NOK for integration measures, writes NRK.

Tax Free Charity Food and More Spending on Security

Finance Minister Siv Jensen says she will make it cheaper to give away food to charity, and simultaneously prevent food waste. For this, the government will remove VAT on food and drink which food stores donate to charities. But the sales tax will remain for given foods.

In addition to students, addicts and flood-hit municipalities, Police Intelligence Unit (PST) will get more money in the new budget. It will have increased funding of 26.8 million in 2016. The government proposes to allocate NOK 17 million to strengthen PST bodyguard service, as well as 9.8 million to improve security in crypted network.

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