Norway to Have the World’s Highest Inner-City Toll Charge

Both city and county politicians in Bergen will make the drivers in the city pay 225 NOK (27 USD) toll in polluted days instead of regular 45 NOK. The city council proposes to provide free public transport in these days.

The county council agreed that Bergen municipality can impose a higher toll fare on days with poor air quality despite opposition from the Conservatives (Høyre) and the Progress Party (FrP). 

If the decision is approved, Bergen will have the world’s highest city-toll tariff. 

Talking to TV2, FrP politician Terje Søviknes believes the proposal severely limits the citizen’s mobility and it is not viable with free public transport offer.

– The challenge is that there is no capacity in the public transportation system to offer service to a large number of travelers who will not drive their cars in these days, he said.

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