95,000 to lose jobs in Norway

On Wednesday NAV published their updated forecasts which show that the unemployment will rise in the coming months and is going to reach 95,000 unemployed in the end of 2016.

The region to be influenced most is Norwegian oil county Rogaland. 

– We still have a dual picture on the labor market. In the counties which have higher oil business activities experience the problem worse, says Sigrun Vågeng from NAV to Dagens Næringsliv.

According to the forecasts, from the next year the unemployment rate will decline, although there will still be slightly higher in average than the rate of 2016. There was around 80,600 unemployed last year, according to NAV, whereas in 2016 91,000 new unemployeds are predicted in 2017.


– We think the situation will change in 2017 for most parts of the country, but it may still take a little longer for Rogaland, comments Vågeng.

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