Norway Still Looks Attractive to Job Seekers

This is what Swedish main newspaper Aftonbladet writes today under the headline “So much you can earn in Norway¬Ľ, according to NRK.

While Norwegian government and labor unions discuss looming massive unemployment, Swedish job seekers are not in a hurry to change the direction. They still look at Norway as the source of job opportunities that Norwegians do not want to take.

Higher unemployment rate in Sweden

At the same time, the number of unemployed in Norway is rising and more and more businesses experience staff reduction. Well, unemployment rate in the neighboring country is still higher.

According to SSB, unemployment rate in Sweden was 6,8% last year, while this number in Norway is just 4,6%. 

– There is still high level of unemployment in Sweden, especially among young people. We have seen that many get their first job in Norway, says Arne Arvidsson, EURES Adviser at the Swedish Public Employment Service.

70,000 Swedes working in Norway

Swedish workers work mainly in hotel, restaurant and retail business. Norwegian employers are also searching for construction workers, cooks, telemarketers, security guards, truck drivers and health workers.

According to Norwegian and Swedish tax authorities, there are up to 70,000 Swedes working in Norway annually. SSB’s recent report shows that Swedes are now the second largest group of immigrants with 36,900 residents in Norway.

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