Erna Solberg: Norway’s Economic Structure Must Be Changed

Erna Solberg believes that country’s current economic situation is fundamentally different from what happened during the last financial crisis, according to Aftenposten.

– We are now in a difficult situation. The structure of our industry is currently changing. Many people feel insecure. It is especially important for us to stay close to people, to understand what happens and how it is perceived by the individuals, said Erna Solberg in a speech to the Conservative Party’s (Høyre) central board meeting in Oslo.

She also mentioned that the Government’s major task today is to fight unemployment. 

– The most important job for our society in the coming years will be to create enough new jobs, she said.

Prime Minister pointed out that enough jobs must be created for the engineers in oil and gas industry, also for the young specialists who are about to enter the labor market and for the refugees who have just arrived in the country.

Economic structure must be changed

Erna Solberg noted that many compare the current situation to the latest financial crisis.

– In reality, there are two fundamentally different situations. During the financial crisis, the challenge was to take care of a basically good and profitable economic system while waiting for the problems in banking sector to be resolved. Today the whole structure of our industry needs to be changed, argues Solberg. 

She further points out that skilled workers, creative minds and capital should meet together in a new enterprise that can carry the country further.


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