CNN: Two Cities in Norway Will Be among the World’s 7 Richest Cities

CNN ranked seven cities that are racing up the rankings of the world’s richest, and will be among the top 10 by 2025. The ranking is based on the research by McKinsey Global Institute (MGI).

In the list, Bergen is the secong most promising city. According to the report, it is already at the forefront of the Norway’s economy, but McKinsey’s researchers predict it will rise to become one of the richest cities globally. “It serves as the hub for Norway’s energy industry, shipping, and marine research”, writes the report.

Another Norwegian city on the short list, Trondheim is described as the birthplace of mobile tech. It is noted that Trondheim is where the GSM standard was invented in the 1980s.

The report also points out the local tech scene in the city has been booming since then, and now boasts over 550 startups with more than 10,000 employees.

Qatar’s Doha is on the top of the list.


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