Liberals in Norway Demand 2.5 Billion in Green Investments

– We have high expectations for the budget and we have 15 measures that we believe must be put in place, says the party’s labor and social policy spokesperson Sveinung Rotevatn to Dagens Næringsliv.

The party demands the government to spend 2.5 billionfor the 15 measures to reverse the downturn in the oil sector.

– What is needed now is a green investment package. The situation in Norway shows how dangerous it is to make itself very dependent on the price of a single commodity. It makes our economy vulnerable, but now we have a good chance to carry out a proper restructuring, says Rotevatn.

The proposal package also requires environmental taxes to be increased, and that measures must be aimed at increasing investments in the transport and building green infrastructure. This will contribute to the restructuring of the economy, believes the Liberal Party.


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