It Is Too Easy To Exploit Social Security System in Norway

One in five of the respondents think it is too easy to cheat NAV to get social security benefit. Every third think it’s a little too easy to exploit Nav system.

Senior researcher, Simen Markussen told Dagbladet that there is no basis for the claim that it is too easy to exploit Nav.

– If you do not want to work, but only want to live on social security system, nothing can prevent you. Those who work at NAV are not able to give enough attention to each person. 

Director of Nav Kontroll, Sverre Lindahl on the other hand notes that there is a reason for concern if so many think it is easy to exploit Nav system. 

NAV, or the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration, employs around 19,000 people. Of these around 14,000 are employed by the central government, the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service, and around 5,000 are employed by the local authorities. NAV’s main goals are to ensure more people to actively participate in job market, and provide unemployment benefit.

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