Statoil Wants to Pay for CO2 Emissions

In a joint press release which NRK published, senior managers at Statoil, BG Group, BP, Shell, Total and ENI ask world governments and the United Nations to assemble a global market for pricing of CO2.

In the letter to UN Climate Convention, theyask the governments to agree on a system for pricing of CO2 in countries and in regions where it does not already exist.

The goal is to get politicians to agree on a price on CO2 emissions at the climate summit in Paris in December, writes NRK.

Oil companies acknowledges that the industry they represent poses a big challenge for greenhouse gas emissions, while world energy demand increases.

They express that they want to be a part of the solution and deliver energy to society sustainably for more years.

– We believe our presence at the table could be helpful in designing an approach to carbon pricing that would be both practical and deliverable, as well as ambitious, efficient and effective, says the CEOs of the companies in the press release.

Oil and gas companies believe an effective system of carbon pricing will give the industry greater predictability and discourage the use of carbon intensive fossil fuels like coal.

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