Highest Rents in Oslo

There are great differences in the rental units within Oslo and the highest rents are registered within the districts of Frogner, Ullern, St. Hanshaugen and the city center of Oslo, according to the survey.

For dwellings with two and three rooms in Oslo including Bærum, the monthly rents are on average approximately NOK 9 320 and NOK 11 750 per 3 quarter according to the Rental market survey (RMS). Equivalent rents in Bergen and Trondheim are on average NOK 7 620 and 9 300 and NOK 7 980 and 9 600 respectively. In urban settlements with 2 000-19 999 inhabitants the rents for dwellings with two and three rooms are at NOK 5 650 and 6 780 on average.

Several factors influence rent levels

Geographical location and the size of the dwellings are important determinants to rent level, however there are several other variables contributing significantly to rents. RMS shows that apartments are valued higher, ceteris paribus, than lodgings, row houses and single-unit dwellings.

The units differ according to size, type of dwelling, material standard and geographical location. This is reflected in the RMS statistics.

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