Immigrant Employment in Norway Did Not Change

In total, 71 000 persons were registered as unemployed in the last quarter. Of these, 27 240 were immigrants, which is a share of 38 per cent of the total unemployed.

In spite of the unchanged unemployment rate, the number of registered unemployed immigrants increased by 1 700, and over 1 000 of them came from the EU countries in Eastern Europe.

The unchanged unemployment rate was due to a similar strong growth in the labour force, which is the denominator of the unemployment rate. In addition, the growth in the number of registered unemployed must also be seen in relation to the decline in the number of participants on labour market schemes, writes SSB. 

Male immigrants had an unemployment rate of 6.5 per cent in the 4th quarter, while the corresponding share for female immigrants was slightly higher, at 7.0 per cent. In the rest of the population, the gender disparity was reversed, with 2.1 per cent for men and 1.7 for women.

Lower unemployment among Norwegian-born to immigrant parents than immigrants

Norwegian-born to immigrant parents is still a rather small group of unemployed persons despite some growth during the last year. This group constituted slightly more than 1 000 registered unemployed persons. The majority within this group are aged 15-29 years, and the unemployment rate among them is 4.9 per cent, which is 2.5 percentage points below the immigrant group at the same age (at 7.4 per cent) and 1.7 percentage points higher than the corresponding age group in the rest of the population (at 3.2 per cent).

The unemployment rate among Norwegian-born to immigrant parents decreased by 0.4 percentage points, while there was a slight decline of 0.1 percentage point within the other two population groups for those aged 15-29 years.

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