These are New Rules in Norway by 2015

Norwegian daily Aftenposten reported all new regulations which have been accepted by the parliament and put in practice by today. Many of this year changes have been the subject of heated political debate in advance.

The adopted regulations include changes that make private gambling legal, as long as it remains under a maximum pot of 10 000 NOK, and maximum NOK 1000 per person.

Another controversial change is on the law which used to ban abortion after week 22 at Norwegian hospitals since 2011.

Soon women in Norway can go directly to the hospital and ask for abortion. Abortion Act also changes the limit of 22 weeks abortion allowance.

Here are all major changes:

Toll free online shopping up to 350 NOK: From today you can buy products for up to 350 NOK duty free on the web. The old limit was 200 NOK. 

More expensive plastic bag at shopping: The plastic bag tax is introduced with effect from 15 March. A plastic bag at stores will cost you 1,5 NOK, which gives an expenditure of 250 NOK annually if you buy five plastic bags every week. The controversial tax is aimed to fund three billion NOK lose in tax cuts in wealth tax. Therefore, the government is harshly criticized for guarding rich people by taxing all citizens.

More flexible alcohol policy: Changes in alcohol law allows Vinmonopolet may stay open in previously closed days, such as New Year’s Eve, Easter Eve, and election days. The amendment also allows grocery stores to sell alcoholic beverages on election days.

New rules on circumcision: Public hospitals can implement ritual circumcision of male children with state reimbursement.

Buying a car will be cheaper: Fee for rechargeable hybrid cars will be reduced, which in practice will give a price reduction of between 15 000 – 20 000 NOK on several popular models. Also vehicle trade becomes cheaper because the maximum for reregistration fee is reduced  sharply from 17 223 NOK to 3,700 NOK. The entire annual fee on camping trailers removed.

Motorcycles and snowmobiles get an average 30 percent lower annual fees.

Compulsory Female conscription: Norway ecomes the first country with universal military service for women. The practice begins fully in July 2016.

Limited sickness and holiday pay: Unemployeds will no longer receive holiday supplement to unemployment benefit, sickness benefit or parental benefits. Simultaneously breadwinner supplement for those with responsibility for children under 18 years and those with supplementary benefit is cut.

On the other hand, the rights of self-employed increase. Self-emloyed workers may be entitled to care and training allowance for sick children.

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