Everyone Will Pay Broadcasting Fee in Norway

Talking to Klassekampen, Arild Grande (Ap) said such a change in license payment per households will ensure state broadcasting company NRK’s stable revenues.

– All indications show that NRK license still has a broad public acceptance. But even if it works well in today’s media landscape, we must face up to the technological developments challenge the license income in the future, says Grande.

The biggest challenge is the prevalence of smartphones and tablets, which is about to revolutionize Norwegians’ TV habits. But the broadcasting fee is not charged for mobiles and tablets, although formally NRK has had the opportunity.

According to NRK’s annual report for 2013, the company loses up to half billion NOK a year because Norwegians have tv, but still do not pay license.

About NRK and Licence Fee

Norsk rikskringkasting AS, generally expressed in English as the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) is the Norwegian government-owned radio and television public broadcasting company, and the largest media organisation in Norway. 

94% of NRK’s funding comes from a mandatory annual license fee payable by anyone who owns or uses a TV or device capable of receiving TV broadcasts. The remainder comes from commercial activities such as programme and DVD sales, spin-off products and certain types of sponsorship.

The licence fee is 2680,56 kr (€358.05) per annum. The fee is mandatory for any owner of a TV set. The licence fee is charged on a per household basis. Therefore addresses with more than one television receiver generally only require a single licence. An exception is made if the household includes persons living at home who is no longer provided for by the parents, e.g. students living at home. If persons not in parental care own a separate television they must pay the normal fee.

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