Erna Solberg Accused Liberals and Christian Democrats for Prolonged Budget Negotiations

The state budget negotiation for 2015 could not be sealed for days due to conflicts between the coalition member parties and the supporting parties, KrF and Venstre. While the negotiations continue today, Prime Minister Erna Solberg critized the negotiation takes unnecessary long time and accused KrF and Venstre for rejecting their prior invitation in involving in preparation of the budget proposal.  

– They could have affected the budget proposal stronger before we announced, but they wanted to influence the budget after we put it forward, says Solberg to Dagens Næringsliv.

KrF politician Kjell Ingolf Ropstad, who participated in the first budget round, says that there are obvious reasons why his party would not participate in any process of the budget proposal preparation. He noted individual parts of the budget do not help them without seeing the whole plan.

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