Labor Party Leader is the Richest Politician in Norway

Last week, Norwegian tax administration published the previous year’s tax payers list. One of the most surprizing figure on the list is that Norway’s largest social-democratic party (Ap) leader Jonas Ghar Støre’s wealth and tax record. Støre topped the list of Norwegian political leaders with his 50.7 milliom NOK fortune and 2.24 million annual income. He also paid 1.3 million tax in 2013. 

Centre Party (Sp) leader Trygve Slagsvold Vedum said to Dagbladet that Støre cannot be blamed for having inherited that much money and it is not a problem for him. Vedum is the least earning party leader of Norway, with an income of 655,000 NOK. 

Socialist Left Party (SV) politician Snorre Valen also believes Støre’s fortune has nothing to do with his political role. 

– I think it is good that a wealthy man like Gahr Støre is concerned with the distribution of wealth and equality, says SVs Snorre Valen. 

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