The Richest Man of Norway Earns 9.9 NOK Every Second

With a stated income of 313719712 NOK, Einar Aas (43) tops last year’s tax payment list.

When the figures is divided by year, he earned 859 506 a day or 9 NOK and 94 cents in a second last year.

The man contributed to the common budget by paying 100 million NOK in taxes last year, according to the list  which was published yesterday.

Also he has a fortune over 1.1 billion NOK.

Einar Aas is a self-made billionaire making energy investments.

Aas graduated from the Norwegian School of Economics in 1994. He then worked as a risk manager in Interkraft and Agder Energi. Then he founded a separate energy company with three colleagues.

Later he established a private investment company with around 250 000 NOK in initial capital. In the following years Aas gained hundreds of millions in trading of electricity derivatives.

According to Dagens Næringsliv, he has earned fortune by speculating electricity prices in the energy bourse Nord Pool.

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