Norway to Build New Power Cables to Germany and the UK for Renewable Energy Exchange

Norwegian state-owned energy firm Statnett has been granted a licence to to build the world’s longest sub-sea cable to the UK and Germany.

– These cables are important for us to succeed in investment in increased production of renewable energy. We build up a large surplus of renewable energy in the Nordic countries, and it is important that the project will provide maximum benefit, according to Oil and Energy Minister Tord Lien (FRP).

The idea is that Norway can import inexpensive power during periods of large surplus of power from German solar and wind power.

Lien also thinks that Norway can sell energy to these countries when the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing there.

The cables have been in the planning stages for several years. Although it was expected that the government would approve the licenses, the news was Monday met with cheers from the environmental organization Zero, writes VG.

– Now we can have renewable power exchange between Norwegian hydropower, and solar and wind power from other countries, said Zeros leader Marius Holm.

The cables, which is 1,400 megawatts each, will go from Tonstad in Vest-Agder to Wilster in Germany and from Kvilldal in Rogaland to Blyth in the UK. The latter is due to be ready in 2020, will be the world’s longest undersea cable of this type, according to the government.

The cable to Germany is planned to be operational in 2018.

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