Norway is Concerned about Increasing Organized Crime in Labor Market

Inspectorate (Arbeidstilsynet ) warned Labor Ministry  against increasing economic crime with a
letter about conditions in the Norwegian labor market, writes NRK.

In the letter,
NRK has accessed, Labor Inspectorate writes that they “learned crime trend
is moving towards more organized and systematic criminal networks.” These
networks consist of both foreign and Norwegian workers and businesses.

Director of
Arbeidstilsynet, Ingrid Finboe Svendsen says to NRK
that most people who are establishing operations in Norway have good and honest
intentions. But they see that rogue operators are expanding in several

they are in building – and construction, transportation, nightlife and cleaning
sectors, but now it also applies to car repairing, hairdressing, bakery and
food industry, says Svendsen.

also notes that there are some “trends” linked to economic crime.
According to the Labor Inspectorate, social dumping and exploitation of labor are
increasingly organized and systematized.

Moreover,  tax evasion, insurance fraud, identity
acquisition, illegal immigration, and customs fraud relating to the import of
construction materials from abroad are getting more common.

Inspectorate also poýnts out companies use increasingly sophisticated methods
to circumvent the requirements. Actors in the various industries learned to
adapt documents, making it increasingly more difficult to uncover violations.

A second
new development is that foreign workers are ýnvýted to work for free for a
trial period, usually two to six weeks, and then they are dismissed when the
trial period is over wýthout any payment.


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