Domino’s Pizza Heads to Norway

Previously, a Norwegian Facebook page had been created and the popular pizza brand’s stores were announced to be established in Norway in 2014. 

Although the pizza giant has been already established with ten stores in the neighboring country Denmark, there was no store in Norway. This move will lead to more competition with the other two big brands in the country, Peppe’s Pizza and Dolly Dimples.

CEO of Peppes Pizza Sverre Høven thinks that Dominos is not a direct competitor for them in Norway.

– Pizza Market is full of price war already, so it’s nothing new. Dominos, belonging to what we call fast food segment, has a very appreciative focus. For them, price is an important tool. Peppe’s belongs to the category of, what is called casual dining and, the focus is on quality for us, says Høven to 

Communications Director of Dolly Dimples Norway, Per Roskifte also welcomes Domino’s to Norway. He finds the move as a positive thing in the sense that new entrants bring more challenge and competition for them.

– All players must take account of the high costs in Norway. I do not think there will be any major changes in this respect, says Roskifte.

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