Norway to Tighten Unemployment- and Social Benefits Rules

Eriksson believes that NAV must be strict after Norwegian daily Aftenposten’s coverage of some immigrants refusing to take jobs in workplaces that sell swine or alcohol.

– Religious beliefs shall not be paid by taxpayers. If you can work and are offered a job, but refuses to take the job because of religious convictions, one can not expect the tax payers to fund its sustenance. Then you have to manage without money, says Eriksson to Aftenposten.

He thinks those who say no to jobs they are offered will lose unemployment benefits or social support. 

– I expect a strict and proper practice of the regulations, said the minister. 

He emphasizes that this shall apply both for unemployment and activity duty to obtain social benefits. The goal is to get people into work, not lock them into social support and other social security schemes, he said.

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