Norway to Train Israeli Engineers

Students from Israel will not only get trained in Norway, but also have a $75,000 scholarship when studying for a doctor degree, writes Globes.

The famous Norwegian petroleum city Stavanger is chosen by many oil companies to build their Norwegian headquarters, which offers a supportive environment for the research activities of petroleum engineering. According to CollegeRag’s research on world’s best petroleum engineering colleges, University of Stavanger ranks No.8,with  particular attention to drilling engineering, natural gas engineering and investment and decision analysis.

Israel used to import petroleum due to a big consumption in energy.  From 1999, the situation has been changed with discovery of first offshore gas field and more later. The country is always eager to exploit its hydrocarbon industry and trying to seek help from Norway, the expert in the field. Yet the cooperation didn’t seem to work well in the last 8 years under the center-left coalition. In October 2013,  Conservative Party (Høyre) and Progress Party (FrP) formed the new center-right government in Norway. Frp managed to take part in the government for the first time in its 40 year history.

With the change of political landscape, the bilateral relations have grown closer. Aharon (Orni) Izakson, the Norwegian-Israeli Chamber of Commerce chairman, sees the cooperation agreement of these two institutions as a positive signal.

Xue Li / TNP

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