Norway is still the world’s most prosperous country

According to the annual ranking of the Legatum Prosperity Index, Norway is again at the very top of the list of the world’s most prosperous countries. The country is also ranked number one on the list of states with the best economy. 

Considering 142 countries, Switzerland is second on the list of the most wealthy countries, followed by Canada, Sweden, New Zealand, Denmark, Australia, Finland, the Netherlands and Luxemburg. above over 142 of the world’s countries ranked by wealth, prepared on the basis of assessment of the countries’ economies, the public sector , entrepreneurship, health, safety, personal freedom and social capital. 

The economic downturn In the U.S. and UK is reflected on the list, and they fall down on the list compared to last year, respectively 11 and 16 space. According to Jefferey Gedminas, president and CEO of the Legatum Institute, many countries in the world experienced continuous growth in wealth and welfare in the last five years. Wars and unrest in the Middle East and parts of Africa, however, show that the development does not go the same way in all areas. 

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