Norway is the Most Thrifty Fuel-Rich Country

The authors compared GDP per capita with emissions of carbon dioxide, which is accompanied by the active use of dirty fuels – oil, gas and coal. Data from 41 countries at different levels of development was analyzed for the article.

The study found that among other countries with large reserves of hydrocarbons Norway and the United Kingdom are able to dispose them more effectively. In 2008 in Norway was only 0.19 kilograms of greenhouse gases per dollar of GDP. The low greenhouse gas emissions has been achieved through high taxes on fuel and environmental awareness of the population.

The study’s authors, however, warn that Norway and the United Kingdom will take a short time topping the list of countries that efficiently use their significant natural resources. British oil and gas fields in the North Sea are depleting, threatening the United Kingdom need to increase imports of resources and the economy of Norway reached the limits of energy efficiency, while maintaining its current structure. Last fall, it was reported that Norwegian government plans to double the emission of greenhouse gases fees for oil companies from 21 to 45 GBP per ton of carbon dioxide.

The authors conclude that the resource rich states are not intended to save money. The least cost-conscious for the use of hydrocarbon raws are Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iraq and South Africa.

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